Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tension. Tension. Tension.

Trust nobody but yourself. Semua tak boleh harap simpan rahsia. Rimas arr! They say you'll feel better once you let it out, and talk to someone about your problems. But what the hell is the point of letting it out when in the end you tak boleh duduk tenteram. Because now that friend tells another friend. Arghhhhhh! Sumpah rimas gila.

Second. Never trust a guy either. Any. Semua penipu besar I gila RIMAS. Semua break promises. Semua janji kosong. Semua say they will never hurt you but they do. FUCK OFF LA. I don't fucking want any of you. Next time jangan harap arr I akan layan. You know what, screw being friends pon. You hurt me like crazy and you boleh buat macam takda apa je. You boleh buat macam you tak buat salah? Thats why I'm so pissed. Because you boleh buat tak tau. Guys are all jerks. Seriously. The whole lot of them. Fuck off la. Fuck the HELL off. You screwed up everything for me.

Kawan-kawan plak sama je. Klau orang bitch, then no one has a problem with it plak. Semua orang just deal with their shit. Tapi I yang gila tolerant tibe2 semua can be pissed at me plak. Asal? Why the FUCK?! I ada buat apa? Asal you annoyed I baik sangat? You nak I jadi bitch ke? Baru tak pijak kepala? I RIMAS TAU! I RIMAS GILA! Why won't anyone just let me be me?! Why is there always something wrong? Why am I unliked when I didn't even do anything FUCKING WRONG???! FUCK OFF LAA. SEMUA. FUCK OFF KORANG SEMUA. Hati dia korang nak suruh I faham dan jaga, tapi hati i korang tak nak jaga plak? ASAL? Just because he's the one annoyed. Just because I patient and tolerant, so you choose to bela him. ASAL LAK? Korang kawan apa macam ni?

And then this whole cakap belakang2 thing. I HATE IT. I FUCKING HATE IT LA. AKU BAGITAU KO SATU BENDA YANG KO P DISCUSS NGN DIA PE HAL? Ckp I boleh trust you semua, cakap if I ever feel like I need to let out or vent, I can tell you stuff. Ni apa hal discuss ngan kawan I? Tu la MULUT TAK RETI TUTUP. FILTER PON X ADA. I slip satu benda you terasa kan? Tapi you cakap SO MANY things to me yang I terasa. Semua I let go. You cakap that one guy is annoying. But you are the MOST annoying person I 've ever met. And if it weren't for my "tolerance" than I wouldn't even hang out with you. Tapi I'm not like everyone else. I tau hati you baik. So I judge a person from that. Tapi yang you nak complain I so tolerant ni apa hal? Gila tak sedar diri. You nak cakap orang annoying apa hal? GILA TAK SEDAR DIRI. And you nak cakap belakang2 ngan kawan I plak tu. How fucking dare you? Korg semua otak rosak ke apa?

I macam rasa nak isolate diri balik. Rimas. Sakit hati. Hurt pon ada. Actually hurt ada banyak. Sumpah I terasa sangat.

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